Employee Benefits

Employees appreciate the savings and the customization.


Employees appreciate the decision-making ability and customization that comes with the ElectiveRx plan. In most cases, employees can continue to see their current doctors and specialists while also gaining much-needed relief from co-payments and co-insurance expenses.

With ElectiveRx, employers can opt to cover a range of services popular with staff, which often means employees are able to use funds on their ERx card not only for regular office visits, but also for elective procedures such as laser eye surgery, in vitro fertilization, plastic surgery, orthodontic care and other elective medical procedures.

The ERx card also reduces employee time spent managing medical bills and benefits. Our automated system means no waiting for surprise bills, no calls to insurance companies to confirm coverage and no paperwork.

And, unused funds roll to the following year, giving employees a medical-care cushion with employer approval.